Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Playing Tourist in your Own City

Two months into our grand move and I think we are all -finally- settling in to a routing and feeling a little more like "Texans". 

This weekend we decided to head out of our little corner of H-town and explore some of the gazillion things there are to do in this city. First up? 

(as seen from Bertha the people-mover, aka "the big car")

We learned about the Battle of San Jacinto and a little about the history of Texas itself. I'll admit I didn't know any of it! Around the monument itself is a bayou (?) with loads of hiking and scenery. We saw what we thought might be alligator tracks and had a sweet little picnic right on the grounds.

Tomorrow I'll share my recipe for all-natural granola bars -- perfect to throw in a backpack for a day with the fam. Sweetened only with honey and maple syrup and tons of good stuff to keep you full. 

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