Friday, August 9, 2013

Customize your Android or iPhone - Super Cute Tutorial

How cute is my front screen???

I knew about the CocoPPa app for iPhone, but it was recently released for Android
{ahem, end of may...better late than never?}
Anyway, head over and download it and I'll walk you through it.

Ok, So here's the front page. Make sure "Icons" is selected.

 Scroll down a bit and you can search for your apps. You can look through the catagories and by colors/tags, but I found it easier to search for my particular apps.

Find the app you like. I was going for a cutesy-pink-girly look. LOVE IT.

When you click on your chosen app, this screen will pop up. Choose "Applications". 

When this screen pops up, you'll be able to search or just scroll down to the app you want the icon for.

Click Set Up Link. It will add the application to your home screen. Take off the old one and put the new cute one where ever you like!


I'd love to see some of your phones!!!


Good Gollie! Thanks for Commenting!

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