Friday, May 24, 2013

Product Love: Unreal Candy

As some of you know -  (HI MOM!) - we recently found out that my middle daughter is allergic to artificial dyes and preservatives. We went through months and months of different medications, allergy tests, and elimination diets. (Gluten free was hands-down the worst; I have a torrid love affair with bread....)

After much much trial and error, we figured out it was the artificial stuff. We quickly made some changes to our grocery list and some not-so-quick changes to our cooking routine! 

One of the hardest things for her is candy. I try not to allow a lot of things she can't have inside the house, meaning that the other kids don't get them either. I have to make a quick shout out to 100 days of real food. I would never have made it the first few weeks without her insight!! It is really a wonderful resource. 
It was getting close to Easter when we figured it out. We researched all sorts of candy online (full of stuff she couldn't have) and even went to a high-end chocolatier to find something she/we could put in the baskets. Couldn't find a thing, much to our frustration. Imagine our delight when we came across Unreal Candy.
We hightailed it to Target and picked a few different kinds out:


They have 5 different kinds, with numbers. 
#8 is like a Snickers
#77, like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
#54, like M&Ms
#41, like Peanut M&Ms
#5, like Milky Way

Our first go round, we tried the regular m&ms, and the snickers. They are still colorful and appealing to kids. The funny thing is, we didn't need as much to get that satisfying "chocolate" buzz. I can eat a whole little bag of m&ms....I needed like 10 of these - that's it. 
Unreal Candy has no artificial ingredients, no partially hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup, and no gmos. 
My kids can now have candy just like their friends (in moderation of course!).

Have you ever tried Unreal Candy? What did you think? I'd love to hear your comments!

*disclaimer*: Unreal Candy did not pay me for this post. This is how I really feel!!

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