Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 20: Share something you're struggling with

Day 20: GET REAL


Major guilt. 

When I can't get the house all picked up and it's midnight and I HAVE to go to bed...when I lose my patience with the kids and I can see it in their eyes that I've been too harsh...when I don't have dinner ready and its six o'clock and everyone's hungry...when my house doesn't look like Pinterest....that my baby (wah!) is almost six and I *still* haven't lost the baby weight...when I go to work (just part-time) and I want to be home with my kids...and then when I'm home and just want an hour alone.

I think these are things all moms struggle with. In my heart I'm a perfectionist, (in fact, I love a good list of to-dos.) but my reality is it just never all gets done. And then I feel guilty. 

I'm working on being a good-enough parent. My kids are happy, they are healthy and isn't that what matters in the end? When they start their own families I want them to remember the feelings of  love in the house...not that mom worried about the floors or the spills or the crayon on the wall. 

Let's cut ourselves some slack, mamas. Whaddya say?

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