Monday, June 4, 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Or...

...How to start a diet during bathing suit season.

I have been struggling with my weight since I gave birth to my littlest one, A, in late 2007. I guess you could say I just never lost the baby weight. I realized last night that I am out of excuses:

"But it's sooo HARD to diet when the rest of my family/friends don't."
* my husband says (and i quote!!): When you're happy with your size we'll go replace your wardrobe. Seriously, everything. My friends are in my same boat and we talk about going walking all the time.*

"But the kids are home, I don't have the tiiiiiiiime."
*Kids are out of school. In two weeks they'll be in camp...which is a great time to focus on myself! This fall they all go to school (SNIFF!!) and I'll have time to exercise. So there goes that excuse!*

"But I don't have anywhere to go..."
*More baloney. While I'm lucky enough to have a gym membership, I also have a park literally across the street. With a track. That's called L-A-Z-Y*

Oh, Ice Cream, you tempter you. Be Gone!

At any rate, I'm calling myself out. It's time I set a good example for my kids and feel better about myself. I hope you'll join me in getting (and staying!) healthier!!!!

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