Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tie Embroidery, Metal stamping, and Yucky Green Juice!

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost month!! Pesky housework...always getting in the way of what I want to do! *tee hee*

That being said, I am over the moon today!

I have been meaning to set up an Etsy shop and really actually focus on my creative side (maybe make some money? At least to feed my crafting habit). I have recently gotten into metal stamping. It's really exciting to me. Here's some bracelets I've made:

I think they are so fun. I love to wear three or four stacked at a time. These are actually what I have for sale right now but with lots more to come!

I recently rediscovered embroidery, too... (in my spare time, right?) 
Seriously, though, my father is a teacher and he wears a tie every. single. day. I think I must have bought him a zillion ties over the last ten years. What I did was get out my stencils (like for painting) and traced them with a disappearing ink pen (like the kind you use for sewing). 
I then picked out a nice color, and one (very hot) carpool line later...voila - instant birthday present:
Here's some pics:

Not bad for embroidering-while-roasting.
Single Monogram

I rolled them up and put them in a clear tin I bought at Michaels. I topped it with a ribbon. It was a hit! 
(You know us Southerners. We love our monograms!)

And as for the yucky green juice? My cable was wonky the other day, so I was watching Netflix. Somehow I came across "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. It's a fascinating documentary. I've struggled with my weight for some time now and it seemed plausible. I decided to visit a local vegan/organic/whatever juice bar (Cosmic Coconut)......

Not. A. Good. Time. 

Joe Cross made it look so good!! I assume the apple juice was supposed to sweeten it? I can get over the color. And I have to tell you, the smell was great - fresh, and healthy - but the taste. Oy. 
My 4 year old gave me a look and said "what's that?"
I said "juice from vegetables!"
 (insert sing song happy voice - vegetable are good! Right?)
She promptly summed up all our feelings:

Well there's my recap. #2 on my wanna do list? 


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