Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June Resolutions - Why should January have all the fun?

It really feels like summer begins after Memorial Day, even if it's been hot here in TN for a month. I got to thinking about all the things I *want* to do, versus what *actually* gets done. It wasn't pretty!

One of the things I really would like to start doing is blog more. I am an avid reader, but I really neglect my poor blog. I love getting to know people through their blog!

All that being said, I decided that January shouldn't have all the fun!! We've got six more months to accomplish what we want to do, to remember for 2012. Who's with me??

Here's my resolutions for (the rest of) 2012:

  • Blog, blog, blog. 
  • Keep more fresh flowers in the house. Turning the corner into my dining room and seeing a vase of fresh flowers always puts a smile on my face: 

  • more date nights
  • working out (perpetually on the list...never ever gets done. *sigh*)

What are some resolutions you can make for the rest of the year?


  1. I love fresh flowers in the house! This is the perfect season for it!!!!
    (I need to add working out back to my list as well! ;) )


    1. They really make me smile! I try to go to Kroger when they mark down the "older" flowers. With plant food they stay fresh another week or so!

  2. I agree! I have a lot of things I put off until school ended and now I am out of excuses! I need to clean out to be organized when the short summer is over and school starts again. And, thw working out is a definite must!

    1. Lol, April, being organized for the school year is always my goal...but I usually forget until a couple of days before and then run around like a crazy person!

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    Thank you, Ali :)


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