Sunday, April 8, 2012

Holiday Shenanagins

    Hi y'all!

I hope everyone's had a great Easter (and/or Passover!!). The fam and I had the craziest week --

This precious little kitten has adopted us. I say adopted us because she showed up one day, collar and all and subsequently she's spent the better part of the last week here. I've been keeping her outside, but leave it to Mr S to be a big softie and bringnherbwhen it started storming. ( One of the zillion reasons I love that man. He looks mean but oh is he gooey on the inside.)

We've named her Pepper, for the meantime. I'm going to take her to the vet come tomorrow. Hopefully she is microchipped. I've put out a thing about a found cat, but so far no one has responded. 

Friday night we attended a family Seder. My side of the family is Jewish, and passover is one of my favorite holidays. My aunt and uncle host and hilarity ensues, which is kind of funny, considering it isn't all that happy of a holiday. Or at least the liturgy isn't!! My kiddos love the matzo-ball soup.

Truth be told, they much prefer the Easter bunny! I had some sense this year and only hid about 50 eggs. It was plenty. 
The big to-do was the Easter meal for my hubby's family. They let me in on the fact I was hosting on Friday. For a Saturday meal! 
(Sunday we lunched with my dads side)
***Commence freak out. ***

But I think we did Ok:

My favorite dessert was the brownie/fruit tart:

Sugar free, gluten free, and absolutely tasty (much to my surprise!)

So that's my week.
This next one is gearing up for a busy one too. But I will get some time to craft and post. 
I'm cooking with my grandmother on Tuesday. I am so looking forward to writing down these recipes!

Love, Mollie

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