Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's Play Catch-up & Chalkboard Wall Frame Tutorial

Hi Readers!

I apologize for being MIA lately ~ I broke my foot:
{promise promise promise I'll be better}
See my totally awesome super fashionable boot?
I was at Michael's looking at frames and I picked one up off the bottom row. The other six frames behind it proceeded to fall right on top of my foot. Yowza. Luckily it was encased in plastic so no glass shattered. It definately would have cut my foot if it hadn't. Anyhow, I was wearing sandals, so when they gave me this boot, I didn't have a sock to put on. Trust me - way better with a sock!!!

You know that didn't stop me from crafting!

I've been obsessed with Chalkboard art lately.
I originally thought that I would buy a large frame and
(ahem, thats what I was doing at michael's!)
 paint the glass with the chalkboard paint. DH suggested the wall instead and this is what we did:


Hubs taped off the wall according my measurements. That's some awesome tape by the way. I'll post in the comments what brand when I look at the roll! Mine was 24inx36in, but it would certainly work any size. We painted two coats. One with a brush and one with a roller. The roller was definately better, but you  have to be make sure you get all the little spots. We waited the six hours and put on a second coat.

This is actually crown molding I found at a local humongo-building store. This way we didn't have to mess with mitering anything - I just got them to cut the (like 7' foot) piece into my specifications, and bought the little corner rosette pieces I liked. I also bought nails, but my (did I mention he's smart?) hubs thought liquid nails would work better, and that way we didn't have to mess up the molding. While the chalkboard paint was drying, we spray painted it a pale yellow ~ which looks great with the (newly painted) pale grey walls.

The label on the paint said to wait 24 hrs to write on it. I waited but boy was it hard!!
What i've learned after writing on it for a few days:
*A felt eraser is okay, but a damp rag is best*
*lightly wet your chalk - you get brighter colors*
Here's what I've done so far:
Our 10th (!) anniversary was saturday. :)
My fave so far. I have to work on my lines...and lettering.
The frames-in-a-frame look has inspired me.
Maybe I can use it with real frames?

More lettering practice....

Still more lettering practice...
And for the first day of spring....

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