Thursday, February 16, 2012

So, I haven't had ANY time to craft, at all. Not really. But I am in the middle of about, oh, ya know, 1million things.
Wanna see?

This is "Wild Lettuce Shawl" by Michelle Miller. This is the second time I've started it. First time...well...i don't wanna talk about it! (sniff!!)
Okay, since you pulled my arm. I might have gotten confused around the edge construction? And maybe ruined the whole thing? And then when I frogged the edge I really just messed it all up. So I unraveled. the. whole. thing. But ~ isn't the new start pretty? I can't wait to finish. I love to knit while I'm waiting in the endless carpool line....

In other news...I'm totally into this Bento Box thing. I know. Tardy to the Party. Better late then never??

Here's my first try. I've gotten better in the last two weeks...I'll post more pics tomorrow.

I bought cookie cutters and some baking cups to separate the food the next day.

Tomorrow I will fold all the clean clothes residing on the dining room table and say hello to my lovely sewing machine ;)

Stay tuned!


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