Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sewing for a change...

I did it! I finally cleaned off the table at a reasonable hour and hauled the sewing machine out. I feel like a new woman!

I really feel better having done something creative. I'm in the middle of preparing to take my three little-ish ones to New Orleans for my step-brother's wedding. Hubby has to work, I go. Luckily my sister in law is coming to give me a hand, but I'm still scared! We are riding the Amtrak train down there. I haven't been on it since the mid-90s. Kiddos are where did I put that dramamine???
(What? They gotta sleep a little...the train leaves at 6 am!)

Anyway...I've been so excited to sew lately. Unfortunately I'm horrible at taking pics, but here goes:

I took some good size scraps I had and made a pillowcase dress. The picture above is the beginning of the dress itself, minus the solid black bottom band. I  don't have ANY good black ribbon, so as soon as I get around to Hancock Fabrics (again..), I'll take another one. It's great to make stuff like this for my girls. On the little one, its a dress, and on the older one, a shirt. Plus, they can wear it all year! Layering!!

But I'm honestly really excited to show you this one:

Emmy and her post-school half-ponytail

Look! I made sleeves! And they don't suck! I've been a  little (OK, a LOT) intimidated by sleeves....
but this was really easy. 
I followed the tutorial over at Craftiness Is Not Optional. ( It was a breeze.) 
Here's the link for the shirt itself: Sadie Shirt
I chose a brown floral with a bit of pink. I thought the gold ruffles on the top would work in spring and fall, and darling over a pair of jeans. {heaven, help me, I can't get her in a dress without complicated bribes and someone in tears. Usually me.}

The pants are a basic pant with a ruffle at the bottom. The next time I make them, i'll do it a bit lower. I prefer a capri length, but these will work for now. 

I've got tons more in the works. Some quilted bookmarks and some jewelry I think I'll put on my etsy shop. Hope you stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading!! 

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